Sunday, 13 September 2015

          COMMON ADMISSION TEST        

How to prepare ....?

Basically I, am a student pursuing B.Tech with computer science Engineering . I have seen a lot of students struggling for the right way to prepare for CAT .
Well I also did the same and what am i writing today is all from my  experience .

Step 1. 
The first thing you have to keep in your mind is whether you gona join a coaching or you are comfortable at your home .
After you are clear with your thought now think of the time you can devote to your preparation .
Though in this article I will be mainly focusing on online preparation.

Step 2.
Make the  right choice , there are thousands of free materials available on the net from where you can prepare , but wait you cant keep on wandering you need to make the right choice .
So fix the particular material , like mark the website you gona go for free Mock tests , free section wise test , free test analysis and free preparation material .

 Step 3.
The most crucial stage according to me is choosing the right video tutorial  , there are numerous free tutorials available on internet but you have to choose which is gona benefit you the most as per your understanding .
you must go for video tutorials they are the most beneficial ones .

Step 4.

Keep your determination  at a height where none of your wrong thoughts can reach , i would suggest make your parents your goal imagine their faces in your eyes , look into their eyes n read what they expect from you .

Step 5.
Keep pace with your learning process and be regular fix you hours and be rigid with it , no matter what happens , satisfy your prepared plan of  studying .
At the end of the day its your thinking and your belief in you that Yes you gona make it , be positive , think positive , eat positive , talk positive , and there you are .....

Well it was in short , in my next article i will be detailing every step , for links of the websites and tutorials write in the comment box . 

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